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Frequent Asqued Questions

What kind of film do you carry?

At Car Paint Protection Center, we currently carry 3M products including 3M Scotchgard™ Pro Series and 3M VentureShield™. Check back soon as we expand our inventory.

What are Paint Protection Film / clear bra / PPF?

Paint protection film, PPF, clear bra, invisible bra, protective clear bra...many names for the same thing, which is a thermoplastic urethane film that is applied over painted surfaces of almost any kind of vehicle, including large vehicles like trucks, RV’s, and even boats.  The film is used to protect the vehicle paint from stone chips, scratches, bug splatters and ordinary wear and tear.

What parts of my vehicle is covered?

We offer coverage for almost any part of the vehicle, including a full wrap or full car coverage.  The most common coverage areas are as follows:
Basic Kit: the most affordable and most chosen, is a 1/3 of the hood, 1/3 of the fenders and full bumper
Standard Kit: the second most used, Full bumper, half fender, half hood, Mirrors caps, door cups and door edges
Half Wrap: full bumper, half hood, half of fenders, mirrors caps, doors cups, door edges, headlights, fog lights
Full Wrap: the whole vehicle painted parts will get covered
Note: on some vehicles, PPF cannot be applied to the headlights because of a thin layer of glossy clear coat that will get pulled off when the PPF is removed.  Ask us if PPF can be installed to your vehicle’s headlights.

Are you truly 3M certified?

Yes we are 3M certified!  You can visit the official 3M site to check.  We are listed under our parent company Car Wraps Center and Miami Signs and Graphics, by entering our zip code 33142 at the following site: http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/3M-Automotive/Aftermarket/Our-Brands/Scotchgard-Pro-Series/Where-to-Buy/#tab1

How is the film applied?

The film is applied wet, using two type of fluids: a soapy water solution makes it easier to slide the film into position, and a “hot solution” with alcohol adheres the film to the paint.  Afterward, the water is squeegeed away to get the final invisible finish.

How clear or “invisible” looks like?

3M Paint Protection Films have over 95% clarity and are approximately 8 millimeters thick.  The appear almost invisible to the naked eye from 3 feet away, and when properly installed, the film blends well with the paint of your car.

Can I purchase 3M scotchgard PPF directly from 3M?

No, 3M only sell large rolls to authorized distributors and do not sell to the end consumer; neither manufactures vehicle kits nor does install kits to the end consumer.

Can I install the film kit myself?

Yes, you can.  The installation difficulty depends on the type of kit you are trying to install and also the type of vehicle.  Many of our customers want to apply the film themselves and are very successful. However, for best results, we strongly recommend getting your kit installed by an experienced fully trained and certified installer.  It can be very challenging going around complex curves, grillwork and other tricky areas, and DIY installations are not covered by warranty.

How difficult is the installation?

In general, 3M Scotchgard Pro Series is a very easy film to work with due to its flexibility.  The difficulty of installing paint protection film varies with the parts that are being covered and with the kind of vehicle. For basic and standard kits, installation is relatively simple and takes just a couple of hours to complete.  However some cars, especially exotic cars, will take longer and application is more difficult due to the complexity of the vehicle.

Do I need to do something especial to maintain the paint protection film?

Not really… nothing special is needed to keep your clear bra pretty and shiny, just wash and wax your vehicle like you always do.  Do, however, stay away from waxes and pastes that contain abrasives and dyes that can leave residues along the edges of film.  Stick with clear spray waxes, and spray directly onto the film and wipe with a soft clean cloth.

Can the film damage my original paint?

No.  The film is designed to help to protect the original paint of the vehicle.  However, the film has to be professionally installed and the paint of the vehicle (if has been repainted) must be fully cured before applying paint protection film.  In some cases the paint in the areas that have been repainted might lift off with a poor quality paint job or if the paint not cured properly. Talk to your body shop for their recommendation, more likely you will have to wait at least 30 days for the paint to be fully cured before installing the paint protection film. Scratches or chips can be treated with tube of “touch-up” paint before paint protection film is applied, and the film will protect that area until the film is removed. But at the time the PPF is removed, it is possible the area with the touch-up paint could peel off with the film.

What kind of protection does the film provide?

Paint protection film was originally engineered to protect aircraft propellers from rocks and chips, protecting helicopter blades during the Vietnam War.  Later, 3M made the product available to the regular consumer to be applied to all kind of vehicles. PPF will protect the OEM paint of your vehicle from rock chips, bug splatters, scratches and road debris.

Does really the PPF heal itself?

Yes, it does… only the high end 3M film, Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series has a self-healing technology that makes most scratches disappear.  This film also has a superior resistance to yellowing.

I bought my own film online, can you install it?

Yes we can, however Car Paint Protection Center, Car Wraps Center, or Miami Signs and Graphics are not liable and responsible for yellowing, cracking or film issues with customer kits purchased online.  Be aware that most of the patterns kits you get online will have imperfections and will not fit well onto your car.  Also, many of the online stores have kits stored for long periods of time, which can degrade the quality of the film.  The best approach for excellent results is to use our trained installers to take advantage of fresh materials and warranties to avoid any issues in the future.

Can the film be removed?

Yes, the film is intended to be permanent but can be removed safely without damaging the original paint of the vehicle.

Can you make my specific car model?

Yes we can!  We use the latest 3M Digital Design software, considered one of the most precise and complete sources available, with hundreds of vehicle makes and models, including full kits covering hoods, fenders, side mirrors, front grills, front and rear  bumpers, roofs, front pillars, door edges and more. We are also capable of creating our own templates if your vehicle is not found in the database.

Can the pattern kit fit my car perfectly?

Yes, whether we sell you the pattern kit or we install it for you, it will fit perfectly edge to edge.  Great for DIY installations!

Should I get PPF installed in my headlights?

Headlights nowadays are plastic lenses, and like paint, headlights also can get damaged by rocks, road debris and bug splatters.  Our recommendation is yes, if possible, protect your headlights!  Some headlights are more difficult to cover because of deep countered curves.  Film can be applied in multiple pieces if the installation gets too difficult, and the end result not be noticeable to the naked eye.

Can I wax the film once is applied?

Yes, when waxing your vehicle make sure you don’t use waxes that contain dyes or waxes that are not recommended for urethanes.  Also avoid abrasive and rubbing wax compounds.  Note that wax can build up in the edges of the clear bra.  A good tip: use paint masking tape in the leading edge of the film to avoid wax build up.  You can also easily remove the wax from the edges with a soft cloth.

Can you match prices from other vendors?

Sometimes yes, when the quality of materials used, coverage and installation match our standards. Some competitors use low end or cheap materials and sometimes they are not highly trained or certified. Using the highest quality materials and a skilled certified installer is part of the equation. Call us to help you compare film quality, coverage and installation, and often we are able to match and sometimes beat competitor prices.

Can I take my car through an automated car wash?

Yes…but brushless.  Once the paint protection film has cured for a few days after the application, you can take it to any hand car wash or even automatic brushless car wash.  You want to avoid automatic car wash with brushes.

If my car has been re painted, how long I have to wait before applying the paint protection film?

We recommend 30 days but talk to your body shop specialist for more details.  We recommend a professional, fully cured paint job before applying the clear bra, and always keep in mind that even the best paint job will never match the OEM paint.  Unfortunately many paint jobs are not professionally or properly done, and this can lead to the paint protection film lifting off the painted or touched-up parts.

Can PPF be applied over graphics or stripes?

Yes, the paint protection film will not interfere with vinyl graphics, wraps or stripes, films normally used in graphics, over laminates, and color change films designed to match the gloss level in the car industry. However when the paint protection film is removed, the graphics underneath will be damaged during the process.

Will my car paint fade differently under the film compared with the rest of the car?

No, 3M Paint Protection Film is engineered with a UV inhibitor to prevent the sun’s UV rays from penetrating the film and damaging your car’s paint.

Do you sell precut pattern kits?

Yes we do, call and ask one of our representatives how to order: 305.492.0000

My Vehicle has aftermarket accessories, can also be covered with PPF?

Yes, most accessories are not included in the 3M Digital Design database and have to be covered by hand or with a custom created template.  But, basically, anything with a painted surface can be covered.  Talk to one of our specialist with your specific needs.

How long Paint protection film last once installed?

3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series has a life span of 7 years or longer when installed by a certified 3M installer.  Washing your vehicle regularly, waxing the car and keeping the car garaged will help to prolong the film life and keep it looking new.  Many car owner don’t keep their car longer than 5 years, so most will never need to replace the film.

Is 3M paint protection film safe to use in today’s new water based acrylic paints?

Yes, the paint protection film has no harmful components that would affect water-based acrylic paints.  The film will still provide the same level of protection and warranty.

What is the warranty?

3M Paint Protection Film carries a 7 year warranty when the paint protection film is installed by an authorized 3M Installer.  Be sure to ask for the installer’s certification, and the installer will issue a warranty card upon completing your installation to submit directly to 3M.  The warranty is valid in the entire United States, covers yellowing, cracking, peeling and installation for 7 years, and is transferable to a new owner if the car is sold.

How I do make a warranty claim?

To make a warranty claim, first contact the company who installed the film.  If they are no longer available simply contact directly 3M at 1-800-643-0955. 3M will direct you to an installer selected by 3M in your area to have your Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series inspected.  If your claim is covered, 3M will have the installer provide the stated remedy. YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE TO VALIDATE YOUR WARRANTY AT www.3m.com/ppfwarranty

What is the return Policy?

Placing an order for a specific pattern kit is considered “custom” work.  Under most  circumstances, any request of returning a PPF kit for incorrect shipping, wrong parts, incomplete parts will not be allowed.  In some cases when the kit is very common, returns can be approved and are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Approved returns must be in unused condition, with original packaging. Damaged packaging, peeled off backing or any other condition other than the way it was sent to you, will void any returns. Car Paint Protection Center, Miami Signs and Graphics and Car Wraps Center are not responsible for any misapplication by the client or the hired installer.

Can I talk to someone in your company before committing to buy?

Yes, Please call us at 305.492.0000 and one of our representatives will guide you. We do our best to answer all calls and respond to emails as soon as possible. Our business our are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm eastern time. 


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